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Applying the Sustainable Development Goals to Businesses

This collection includes journal articles, reports, supplementary materials and data from a project investigating if and how the SDGs can be applied to businesses.

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Arizona Building Resilience Against Climate Effects (BRACE) Project

Reports, presentations, and supporting documentation and files generated from the Building Resilience Against Climate Effects Project supported by the Arizona Department of Health Services and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Climate Ready Cities and States Initiative.

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Arougheti, Stephen

The content is originally created and designed to reflect my scholarly output in the field of librarianship. My research interests are primarily focused on issues related to open access, scholarly publishing, copyright, and collection development. I am a Library Information Specialist--Lead with…

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Artivate: A Journal of Entrepreneurship in the Arts

The mission of Artivate: A Journal of Entrepreneurship in the Arts is to disseminate new thinking and perspectives on arts entrepreneurship theory, practice, and pedagogy.

The editors are committed to publishing research-based articles and case studies of interest to scholars, artists,…

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ASU Book Traces Project

Our project seeks to identify, record, and photograph significant, unique features of C19 and early C20 readership found in out-of-copyright ASU-owned books. To begin, we're examining pre-1923 titles in the PRs and the PSs in Hayden Library. (There are 13,673 pre-1923 books on the shelves in the…

ASU Electronic Theses and Dissertations

This collection includes most of the ASU Theses and Dissertations from 2011 to present. ASU Theses and Dissertations are available in downloadable PDF format; however, a small percentage of items are under embargo. Information about the dissertations/theses includes degree information, committee…

ASU Food Policy and Environment Research Group

ASU Food Policy and Environment Research Group

A collection of scholarly work created by the ASU Food Policy and Environment Research Group under the leadership of Professor Punam…

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ASU Library Collection

White papers, conference reports, and publications of the ASU Library.

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ASU MBE Optoelectronics Group

This is an open access collection of the published manuscripts by the ASU MBE group led by Prof. Yong-Hang Zhang.

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ASU Regents' Professors Open Access Works

The title “Regents’ Professor” is the highest faculty honor awarded at Arizona State University. It is conferred on ASU faculty who have made pioneering contributions in their areas of expertise, who have achieved a sustained level of distinction, and who enjoy national and international…

ASU Retirees Association (ASURA) Video History Project Interviews

This collection includes interviews of Arizona State University retirees, including administrators, faculty, and staff. The video interviews were conducted by the ASU Retirees Association (ASURA) beginning in 2001. Videos are approximately 1 hour each.

ASU Scholarship Showcase

ASU Scholarship Showcase

This growing collection consists of scholarly works authored by ASU-affiliated faculty, students, and community members, and it contains many open access articles. ASU-affiliated authors are encouraged to Share Your Work in KEEP.

ASU School of Music Performance Archive

ASU School of Music Performance Archive

The ASU School of Music Performance Archive is devoted to the preservation and dissemination of recordings of performances offered by the School of Music, Dance and Theatre from 1985 to the present day. Content is derived from undergraduate and graduate student recitals, faculty performances,…

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Baldwin, Carol

A collection of scholarly work created by Carol M. Baldwin, Associate Professor, Southwest Borderlands Scholar and Director, Center for World Health Promotion & Disease Prevention at Arizona State University.

Carol received her doctoral degree and her postdoctoral studies (…

Barrett, The Honors College Thesis/Creative Project Collection

Barrett, The Honors College at Arizona State University proudly showcases the work of undergraduate honors students by sharing this collection exclusively with the ASU community.

Barrett accepts high performing, academically engaged undergraduate students and works with them in…

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Cacciatore, Joanne

Research on all aspects of traumatic death, including stillbirth and perinatal death, child death, homicide, suicide, rituals, epidemiology and etiology, culture, psychosocial care, mindfulness based models for caregiving.

Center for Earth Systems Engineering and Management

Center for Earth Systems Engineering and Management

A collection of scholarly work published by and supporting the Center for Earth Systems Engineering and Management (CESEM) at Arizona State University.

CESEM focuses on "earth systems engineering and management," providing a basis for understanding,…

CGEST Boot Camp 2016

The Center for Gender Equity in Science and Technology

The Center for Gender Equity in Science and Technology at Arizona State University was established in 2016 as a one-of-a-kind research unit to address the lack of women and girls, especially those belonging to diverse racial, ethnic, and social…

Collegiate Recovery Program

Collegiate Recovery Program Resources

ASU has recently developed a Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) out of ASU Wellness department. This program is for students who are in recovery from alcohol and other drugs. Research on CRPs is emerging nationwide and this collection contains trainings, videos and research projects related to…

Connecting to Community Through Oral History (C2C)

In Connecting to Community Through Oral History (C2C) students will reach out to K-12 teachers in their home communities to conduct oral histories that explore teachers’ experiences. Through the process of conducting, collecting, and sharing research, students will emerge as a community of scholars…
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Creative Push

Creative Push is a multimedia visual art and oral history project that focuses on the most formative of human experiences: birth. Personal, intimate storytelling is the central method by which birth stories are usually communicated, and though those stories rarely take concrete form, they are…

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Designing a Digital Humanities Project

The Institute for Humanities Research Faculty Development Workshop series provides resources and assistance for faculty members in the humanities at ASU. These workshops focus on enhancing research practices, assisting in writing for publications, applying for external funding and more.

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Final Projects

The Doctor of Nursing Practice Final Projects collection contains the completed works of students from the DNP Program at Arizona State University's College of Nursing and Health Innovation. These projects are the culminating product of the curricula and demonstrate clinical scholarship.

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Dorn, Sherman

Individual repository of Sherman Dorn, Professor, Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College. In my scholarship, I trace how society defines school problems and how those definitions shape education policy. In my first major research project, I documented that dropping out became defined as a crisis in…

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Edens, Wes

Currently a Liaison Librarian in the Social Sciences Division, Engagement & Learning Services Directorate, Wes Edens was assigned the dual roles of Digital Services Librarian at ASU Library (Hayden) and Senior Librarian at Thunderbird School of Management from 2014-2016. Prior to that, he…

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Educating for Sustainability

Educating for Sustainability is a framework for motivating sustainable behavior change through educational interventions focused on non-traditional domains of knowledge. This collection includes peer reviewed journal articles and data.

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Ehlenz, Meagan

This collection is intended to be a record of Meagan Ehlenz's scholarly work, and includes current working papers.

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff

This collection is where we will collate faculty and staff collections listed alphabetically by surname.

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farrelly, deg

Papers, presentations, and other documents on academic media by deg farrelly, Full Librarian at Arizona State University.

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The Future of Food in Arizona: Memories of Food to Build a Sustainable Food System

We are all aware the problems and challenges with our current food system. In light of those pressing issues, we, a group of ASU humanities faculty and community partners, have embarked on a project to envision and design what the Phoenix area food system ought to be in 2040. “…

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Harp, Matthew

A collection of scholarly and professional work created by Matthew Harp. Matthew is a Research Data Management Librarian and Director of Research Data Services in ASU Library Technology Services. He has also served as a Liaison…

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Hugh Downs School of Communication Graduate Capstone Collection

The MA program in communication is designed to provide professionals with advanced training in the theory and practice of communication, preparing them for success in their careers and a dynamic job market.

The flexible delivery offers easy access to a rigorous education that delivers…

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Human Systems Engineering: Applied Projects Collection

The Human Systems Engineering: Applied Projects Collection contains the applied project reports of students completing the requirements for a Master of Science degree in Human Systems Engineering at Arizona State University. It also contains a collection of posters associated with senior…

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Humphreys, Alexandra

A collection of scholarly work created by Alexandra Humphreys, an Instruction and Education librarian at the Arizona State University Libraries, Downtown Phoenix campus.

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Humphreys, Jere T.

This collection consists of articles, papers, keynote and other major speeches, reviews, and responses, mostly related to music education, but some to arts education and arts business, in some cases with reference to emerging countries. A number of these items appeared in difficult-to-access…

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INQUIRE - Undergraduate Research Journal

INQUIRE is a showcase for research undertaken by undergraduate students at ASU (or those who have recently become alumni). All papers are refereed by ASU faculty and will be revised to improve content and presentation.

Japanese Americans in Arizona Oral History Collection

This collection contains oral histories of Japanese American Nisei who were born or settled in Arizona prior to 1946. It provides their recollections of settlement, community-building and community institutions, farming, businesses, and work experiences in Arizona. Many discuss their Issei…

Usage Statistics for Collection Assessment and Decision Making

Joshipura, Smita

Smita Joshipura has been serving as an Electronic Resources Management Coordinator at Arizona State University since 2007, where she is responsible for management of e-Resources from Acquisitions to Access. Prior to this, she was an Acquisitions Librarian at the same institution from 2000 onward…

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Journal of Surrealism and the Americas (JSA)

The Journal of Surrealism and the Americas focuses on the subject of modern European and American intellectuals’ obsession with the “New World.” This obsession—the very heart of Surrealism—extended not only to North American sites, but also to Latin America, the Caribbean, and to the numerous…

Laberinto: An Electronic Journal of Early Modern Hispanic Literatures and Culture

Laberinto: An Electronic Journal of Early Modern Hispanic Literatures and Culture

Laberinto is a peer-edited journal dedicated to the exploration of interdisciplinary connections among literary and cultural texts, as well as images of the Hispanic areas of influence during the early modern period. Laberinto is sponsored by the Arizona Center for Medieval and…

Design Thinking From the Ground Up: An Educator's Guide to the Design Process

Learning Sciences Applied Projects

Applied Projects from the Masters of Learning Sciences program at Mary Lou Fulton Teacher's College.

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Leket-Mor, Rachel

A collection of exhibit and public program posters.

Lost Boys Found

Lost Boys Found Oral Histories

“Lost Boys Found” is an ongoing, interdisciplinary project that is collecting, recording and archiving the oral histories of the Lost Boys/Girls of Sudan. These oral histories document the stories of the men and women who were separated from their families as children and driven out of their…

Mosaic image of various animals

March Mammal Madness

March Mammal Madness is an annual scientific outreach tournament consisting of simulated combat competition among animals, informed by scientific literature and communicated through creative storytelling and art. This collection consists of related publications, presentation, and educational…

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Markolf, Samuel

Collection of manuscript drafts by Samuel Markolf.

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Mason, Marc

Conference presentations and posters produced by Marc Mason from 2007-present.

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Master of Healthcare Innovation Capstone Collection

The Master of Healthcare Innovation (MHI) is a multidisciplinary program that prepares students for transformative roles in healthcare. MHI brings together information from innovation and change theory, leadership,…


Master of Urban and Environmental Planning (MUEP) Capstone Projects Collection

Masters of Urban and Environmental Planning (MUEP) program is an accredited, interdisciplinary, professional degree designed to prepare students for leadership roles in planning in the public and private sectors. The program offers a unique opportunity to integrate urban and environmental…

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Materialized Views Over Heterogeneous Structured Data Sources in a Distributed Event Stream Processing Environment

Software systems are becoming increasingly complex, requiring the coordination of heterogeneous structured data sources in a loosely-coupled distributed environment with support for handling events and streaming data. Some sample systems include homeland security, criminal justice, supply chain…

Mediterranean Landscape Dynamics Project

"Landuse and Landscape Socioecology in the Mediterranean Basin: A Natural Laboratory for the Study of the Long-Term Interaction of Human and Natural Systems."

This international, interdisciplinary research project models the long-term dynamics of human landuse and Mediterranean…

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Metis Center for Infrastructure and Sustainable Engineering

The Metis Center for Infrastructure and Sustainable Engineering seeks to provide the basis for understanding, designing, and managing the complex integrated built/human/natural systems that increasingly characterize our planet in the athropocene – the Age of Humans. To this end, Metis combines…

Narrative Studies MA Capstone

Narrative Studies MA Capstone Collection

The Narrative Studies MA Capstone Collection contains the completed works of students from the Narrative Studies program at Arizona State University's School of Integrative Sciences and the Arts. The MA in Narrative Studies is a comprehensive program that explores narrative and storytelling…

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Neal, Tess

Tess Neal is an Assistant Professor of Psychology in the ASU New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences and is a founding faculty member of the [Program on Law and Behavioral Science](http://lawpsych.asu.edu/). Dr. Neal has published one edited book…

Nilsen, Don and Alleen

Nilsen, Don and Alleen

A collection of teaching and lecture powerpoint slides regarding various aspects of humor theory. ISHS History: The ASU Years Plus presentation describes six international humor conferences hosted at Arizona State University 1982-1987. Affiliated organizations include the International Society…

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Office of Latino Projects: Research and Publications

The Office of Latino Projects is a social and economic justice resource center providing information, data, research, and policy analysis about issues affecting the Latino population in the U.S. and Southwest border communities.…

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The Origins Project

Founded and directed by Lawrence Krauss, the Origins Project was created to explore humankind's most fundamental questions about our origins. To tackle these questions, we bring together a diverse collection of the world’s leading scientists, scholars, and public intellectuals to discuss, and if…

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Pannabecker, Virginia

A collection of scholarly, professional, and creative work. Virginia Pannabecker is a Health Sciences Librarian at ASU Libraries, Downtown Phoenix Campus Library, supporting the success of Arizona State University Health Sciences students, staff, and faculty in their research, learning, and…

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Pardon, Kevin

A collection of scholarly and professional work created by Kevin Pardon. Kevin is a Health Sciences Librarian at Arizona State University.

Perry, Anali Maughan

A collection of scholarly work created by Anali Maughan Perry. orcid.org/0000-0001-7173-4827

Anali Maughan Perry received her master's degree in Information Resources and Library Science from the University of Arizona in 2005 and her…

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Phoebus: A Journal of Art History

Phoebus: A Journal of Art History is an occasional journal published by art history faculty members in the Arizona State University's School of Art, Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts.

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Phoenix Regional Heat and Air Quality Knowledge Repository

Overview: This repository houses peer-reviewed literature, data sets, reports, and other materials generated by researchers, practitioners, and other regional stakeholders that may be informative for local and regional efforts mitigating the adverse impacts of heat. The…

Programs and Communities

Programs and Communities

The collection collates collections by schools, centers, programs, and research groups.

Spindler, Robert

A collection of scholarly work created by Robert Spindler, former University Archivist and Head of the Department of Archives and Special Collections, Arizona State University Libraries. 

Robert received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in American History from Boston University and…

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State of Arizona Reports

Modeled after the National Urban League's State of Black America, the State of Arizona reports highlight issues facing Arizona's diverse populations, with ideas for solving these concerns. The publications reflect the data collection of the research team and are designed to inform policy makers…

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Stevens, Carol J

A collection of scholarly, professional and creative work by Dr. Carol J Stevens, Clinical Associate Professor, College of Nursing & Health Innovation, Arizona State University. Dr. Stevens teaches in undergraduate and graduate…

Swette Center

Swette Center for Sustainable Food Systems Reports

A collection of scholarly work from the students, faculty and staff of The Swette Center for Sustainable Food Systems. Lead by Executive Director,…

Szecsy, Elsie

Szecsy, Elsie

Reports and data related to Elsie Szecsy's research interests, including the U.S. Cadet Nurse Corps, a federally funded nurse education program administered by the U.S. Public Health Service during World War II.

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Tanner, Rene

A collection of scholarly work created by Rene Tanner, Life Sciences Librarian, Arizona State University Libraries. Subject Specialties include: Biology, Ecology, Environmental Sciences, Life Sciences, and Sustainability.

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Technical Communication Graduate Applied Projects

The Technical Communication Applied Projects Collection contains the applied projects of students completing the requirements for a Master of Science in Technical Communication at Arizona State University.

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The Tiktaalik Collection: Science in Transformation

The Tiktaalik Collection (TTC) compiles papers related to sustainability science and education, including engineering, ethics, economics, policy, and environmental systems.

TTC is edited by Thomas P Seager, Associate Professor in the School of Sustainable Engineering & the Built…

Undocumented Voices

Undocumented Voices

Undocumented Voices is an oral history project that seeks to document the lives of undocumented students, known as dreamers, who have, and are currently, pursuing a more inclusive U.S. immigration policy. These students have captured the public attention for the extensive social and political…

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Urban Climate Research Group

Published papers of the Urban Climate Research Group at ASU

Wolf (Allgood), Tammy

Tammy Allgood Wolf is currently an Associate Librarian and the Manager of Discovery Services at Arizona State University Libraries. She is responsible for providing leadership in the development, implementation, and assessment of policies, practices, and technologies designed to enhance…

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Wynne, Clive

I’m interested in the behavior and cognition of animals in general - dogs and other canids in particular. For more info about canine research, please visit our lab's website, www.CanineScienceCollaboratory.com

Born in England, I studied at…