The Center for Gender Equity in Science and Technology at Arizona State University was established in 2016 as a one-of-a-kind research unit to address the lack of women and girls, especially those belonging to diverse racial, ethnic, and social class groups, among STEM fields. We strive to address this gap by owning, generating, and critiquing the collective body of research, offering culturally responsive STEM education programs, and actively engaging in discourse with and about the real experiences of under anticipated girls of color to gain clarity on the effectiveness of our program offerings. With these assessments we continuously adapt our approach to best serve our community with a diverse staff and range of community partnerships focused on systemically changing the STEM pipeline.

This collection was established to ensure our collective body of work is accessible and available for others to critique, replicate, and use for their own academic or community programs that address the STEM pipeline as well as policy, practice, and scholarship related to the real lived experiences of women and girls of color.