Dr. James DeMars

A collection of the compositions of Dr. James DeMars (b. 1952), professor of music composition at ASU from 1981 to 2019, containing the music scores, parts and the composer’s reference recordings. These are intended to be used for personal study and research. Please notify the composer…

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The Institute for Humanities Research Faculty Development Workshop series provides resources and assistance for faculty members in the humanities at ASU. These workshops focus on enhancing research practices, assisting in writing for publications, applying for external funding and more.

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The Doctor of Nursing Practice Final Projects collection contains the completed works of students from the DNP Program at Arizona State University's College of Nursing and Health Innovation. These projects are the culminating product of the curricula and demonstrate clinical scholarship.

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Individual repository of Sherman Dorn, Professor, Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College. In my scholarship, I trace how society defines school problems and how those definitions shape education policy. In my first major research project, I documented that dropping out became defined as a crisis in…