About KEEP

Per our mission statement, the "ASU Library is the gateway to the ASU educational enterprise, and thus a critical partner in realizing the New American University mission, of which success is measured not by whom it excludes, but by whom it includes and how they succeed." As a partner in the research lifecycle, ASU Library's KEEP digital repository helps the university achieve its mission of becoming a leading global center for interdisciplinary research, discovery and development, by providing a secure place for research outputs to be collated, stewarded, and preserved for long term access. As such, KEEP is home to scholarly materials that support, engage and inspire the Arizona State University community. 

Members of the ASU community are encouraged to sign in to access additional content that may not be publicly available.


Materials in KEEP fall into the following three categories:

  1. Faculty and Staff - This category includes the ASU Scholarship Showcase, featuring open access faculty works, e.g., articles, grey literature, presentations.
  2. Theses and Dissertations - Includes assorted undergraduate and graduate scholarship, like the Electronic Dissertations and Theses collection. These materials are generally submitted to fulfill program/degree requirements.
  3. Programs and Communities - This category includes collaborative research projects e.g., the Lost Boys Found Oral Histories Project.

Who can access the repository?

Anyone is welcome to search the repository to discover publicly available content.

Who can share materials in the ASU Digital Repository?

Faculty, academic professionals and staff with an active ASURite ID to showcase their own scholarship.

An ASU project team to highlight a body of work, presentation or interdisciplinary collaboration.

An ASU department, institute or college representative to showcase colloquia, conferences or events.

Benefits of a Collection

Permanently store all your scholarship in one place.

Easily share your work using persistent links.

ASU Library provides long-term access to your work.

ASU Library shares information (metadata) about your materials in the ASU Library Catalog and on the World Wide Web to facilitate discovery and reuse.

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