This report assesses the barriers faced by ranching clients and potential clients of the National Resources Conservation Service in Arizona and highlights opportunities for mitigating those challenges in the future

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    • NCRS in Arizona: a brief assessment of access to NRCS programs among ranchers in Arizona
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  • Introduction -- Background -- Current conservation practices in Arizona -- Study aims -- Methodology -- Interview themes -- Relationships & knowledge of NRCS and/or other agencies -- Bureaucracy & process of applying -- Perception of government aid and involvement -- Other issues identified -- Recommendations -- Streamline the application process -- Advocate for policies that increase access and participation to NRCS programs -- Increase outreach to socially disadvantaged producers -- Future research -- Additional ranching perspectives -- Experience of tribal ranchers -- A note on the tribal IRB process -- Bibliography/works cited -- Appendix -- Appendix A: rancher interview questions

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    Swette Center for Sustainable Food Systems. NRCS in Arizona: A Brief Assessment of Access to NRCS Programs Among Ranchers in Arizona. October, 2020. (Swette Center, 2020)

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    Swette Center for Sustainable Food Systems, Arizona State University ; by the Graduate Certificate in Food Policy and Sustainability Leadership class of 2019-2020 ; authors, Elizabeth Broussard, Project Coordinator, National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT), Sarah Lemon, Food Systems, Swette Center for Sustainable Food Systems, Arizona State University, Kelly McClelland, Nutrition Program Manager, Crim Fitness Foundation, Karli Moore, Associate Program Officer, Native American Agriculture Fund, Kathleen Yetman, Executive Director, Prescott Farmers Market ; client partner, Arizona Association of Conservation Districts, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

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