Astronomical wide-field imaging of interferometric radio data is computationally expensive, especially for the large data volumes created by modern non-coplanar many-element arrays. We present a new wide-field interferometric imager that uses the w-stacking algorithm and can make use of the w-snapshot algorithm.

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    Offringa, A. R., McKinley, B., Hurley-Walker, N., Briggs, F. H., Wayth, R. B., Kaplan, D. L., Bell, M. E., Feng, L., Neben, A. R., Hughes, J. D., Rhee, J., Murphy, T., Bhat, N. D. R., Bernardi, G., Bowman, J. D., Cappallo, R. J., Corey, B. E., Deshpande, A. A., Emrich, D., Ewall-Wice, A., Gaensler, B. M., Goeke, R., Greenhill, L. J., Hazelton, B. J., Hindson, L., Johnston-Hollitt, M., Jacobs, D. C., Kasper, J. C., Kratzenberg, E., Lenc, E., Lonsdale, C. J., Lynch, M. J., McWhirter, S. R., & Mitche (2014). WSCLEAN: an implementation of a fast, generic wide-field imager for radio astronomy. MONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY, 444(1), 606-619.

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