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Mosaic image of various animals

March Mammal Madness

March Mammal Madness is an annual scientific outreach tournament consisting of simulated combat competition among animals, informed by scientific literature and communicated through creative storytelling and art. This collection consists of related publications, presentation, and educational…

Markolf, Samuel

Collection of manuscript drafts by Samuel Markolf.

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Mason, Marc

Conference presentations and posters produced by Marc Mason from 2007-present.

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Master of Healthcare Innovation Capstone Collection

The Master of Healthcare Innovation (MHI) is a multidisciplinary program that prepares students for transformative roles in healthcare. MHI brings together information from innovation and change theory, leadership,…


Master of Urban and Environmental Planning (MUEP) Capstone Projects Collection

Masters of Urban and Environmental Planning (MUEP) program is an accredited, interdisciplinary, professional degree designed to prepare students for leadership roles in planning in the public and private sectors. The program offers a unique opportunity to integrate urban and environmental…

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Materialized Views Over Heterogeneous Structured Data Sources in a Distributed Event Stream Processing Environment

Software systems are becoming increasingly complex, requiring the coordination of heterogeneous structured data sources in a loosely-coupled distributed environment with support for handling events and streaming data. Some sample systems include homeland security, criminal justice, supply chain…

Mediterranean Landscape Dynamics Project

"Landuse and Landscape Socioecology in the Mediterranean Basin: A Natural Laboratory for the Study of the Long-Term Interaction of Human and Natural Systems."

This international, interdisciplinary research project models the long-term dynamics of human landuse and Mediterranean…

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Metis Center for Infrastructure and Sustainable Engineering

The Metis Center for Infrastructure and Sustainable Engineering seeks to provide the basis for understanding, designing, and managing the complex integrated built/human/natural systems that increasingly characterize our planet in the athropocene – the Age of Humans. To this end, Metis combines…