Description of the status of historical and sociological research in the field of music education, with emphasis on historical and demographic factors that constrain the research, and suggestions for future topics, topical areas, and research approaches, including combining methodologies.

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1996 to 1997
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    • Reprinted in Special Volume: Historical Reprints of The Quarterly Journal of Music Teaching and Learning, in Visions of Research in Music Education 16, no. 7 (October 2010)., opens in a new window. (Open access) Originally presented as a Key Focus address with the same title at a national convention of the Music Educators National Conference (now National Association for Music Education) in Kansas City, Missouri in April 1996.

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    Humphreys, Jere T., "Expanding the Horizons of Music Education History and Sociology," The Quarterly Journal of Music Teaching and Learning 7, nos. 2-4 (1996/97): 5-19.

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