The collection collates collections by schools, centers, programs, and research groups.

Included in this collection

Collegiate Recovery Program

ASU has recently developed a Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) out of ASU Wellness department. This program is for students who are in recovery from alcohol and other drugs. Research on CRPs is emerging nationwide and this collection contains trainings, videos and research projects related to scaling out a CRP as part of my dissertation process.

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Creative Push is a multimedia visual art and oral history project that focuses on the most formative of human experiences: birth. Personal, intimate storytelling is the central method by which birth stories are usually communicated, and though those stories rarely take concrete form, they are often very visual.

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The Institute for Humanities Research Faculty Development Workshop series provides resources and assistance for faculty members in the humanities at ASU. These workshops focus on enhancing research practices, assisting in writing for publications, applying for external funding and more.

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The Doctor of Nursing Practice Final Projects collection contains the completed works of students from the DNP Program at Arizona State University's College of Nursing and Health Innovation. These projects are the culminating product of the curricula and demonstrate clinical scholarship.

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Educating for Sustainability is a framework for motivating sustainable behavior change through educational interventions focused on non-traditional domains of knowledge. This collection includes peer reviewed journal articles and data.

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We are all aware the problems and challenges with our current food system. In light of those pressing issues, we, a group of ASU humanities faculty and community partners, have embarked on a project to envision and design what the Phoenix area food system ought to be in 2040.

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This administrative history of the Grand Canyon Dam Adaptive Management Program (GCDAMP) includes government reports, oral history interviews and other relevant information about Colorado River law, environmental protection law, hydropower regulation, the Glen Canyon Environmental Studies that served as a precursor to GCDAMP, and the activities of the Adaptive Management Work Group, the Technical Work Group, and the U.S. Geological Survey’s Grand Canyon Monitoring and Research Center.

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The Herberger Institute School of Dance is recognized as one of the leading dance departments in the U.S.

The highly experienced international faculty and staff offer a broad approach to developing artists, educators, and scholars who are actively engaged with the rapidly expanding range of global contexts for artistic practice; from performance to education and from community to online contexts.

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The MA program in communication is designed to provide professionals with advanced training in the theory and practice of communication, preparing them for success in their careers and a dynamic job market.

The flexible delivery offers easy access to a rigorous education that delivers instruction in social influence, global communication, best workplaces practices and more. The program's culminating experience is a capstone project that allows students to focus their training in their areas of interest.

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The Human Systems Engineering: Applied Projects Collection contains the applied project reports of students completing the requirements for a Master of Science degree in Human Systems Engineering at Arizona State University. It also contains a collection of posters associated with senior capstone projects.