New collection request

ASU faculty and staff who are affiliated with a program or project may request creation of a new collection to deposit and organize access to their scholarly works in KEEP. Examples of new collections that will be considered are graduate program capstone collections, publications and products associated with a lab or research group, or journals published as part of an ASU program or project. 

For more information, please fill out the form with any information you have about the proposed collection. The Digital Repository Services team will review the request and respond with further questions or information about next steps.

Your role at ASU
Please tell us about the types of materials you would like to include in your collection (examples: journal articles, images, audio, video, etc.). Who was involved in the creation of these materials? What is the purpose of making them available in KEEP? (please see the Repository Practices page for more information on materials that are in scope for KEEP.)
What file formats would your collection likely contain? (examples: .pdf, .docx, .mp4, .wav, etc.) Please provide approximate amounts of each file type. 
The normal timeline for setting up a new collection is at least a few weeks. Is this request time-bound in any way?