March Mammal Madness is an annual scientific outreach tournament consisting of simulated combat competition among animals, informed by scientific literature and communicated through creative storytelling and art. This collection consists of related publications, presentation, and educational materials. Accompanying data is available in the March Mammal Madness Data Collection, and official tournament information at the March Mammal Madness Library Guide.


Image attribution: (A) cheetah by Charon Henning; (B) Tag Team Mutualists warthog and mongoose by Mary Casillas; (C) Thylacine by Olivia Pellicer; (D) red squirrel by Charon Henning; (E) honey badger by Charon Henning; (F) moose by Valeria Pellicer; (G) spotted hyena by Charon Henning; (H) coyote by Mary Cassilas; (I) Andrewsarchus mongoliensis by Charon Henning.   

Collaborating Institutions:
ASU Library